This Association is founded for the promotion of creativity of Romanian inventors together with the International Federation of Inventor's Association.

It was necessary this come into appearence since fifteen years ago, all persons who were in structures with the obligation and the support in this field, avoided the problem.

The Association was set up as a result of direct participation at the IFIA's works from August 2007 where at the advice of the President of IFIA, Mister Vedres Andras, and also from the members of the coordination council mobilized us towards founding the Association.

Through direct support of IFIA we benefit of all facilities of a free stand at the Exhibition in Taipei-Taiwan, also the finale for Asian Region of computer related inventions.Then we participated at the International Exhibition IENA-Nuremberg in November 2007, and, at the and of November we participated at the Exhibition in Belgrad.The record was improved after this participation with gold, silver and bronze medals, certificate of merit and recognition certificate.

So, it's possible for us to walk on a new road and those who had the currage to walk on it, begin to fructify the results of their work.

We wait that through our opened doors all inventors shall adhere to us.
As soon as possible we'll present our program for 2008 for participations at different Exhibitions under the favours of IFIA which will support these initiatives.

For a better recognition of what we are and what we do in this first stage and what represents IFIA, we present the statutes of this two organisations.

2007 Copyright © ASINV